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video stories are the building blocks of your business

Video stories are far more persuasive than just stating facts. Stories place trust in the wisdom of the viewer to decipher the entrenched message.

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Video stories are the building blocks of your business

People hate being bored even when doing the simplest of tasks. While viewing videos, vivid imagery ensures a greater sense of presence in the world of the story.

  • Humankind has been hooked on the art of story-telling since the Stone Age. A lack of modern tools was never a deterrent for our urge to express ourselves. Narrations over a bonfire for harmless entertainment soon assumed epic proportions and became fables through the simple practice of word-of-mouth repetition. And felt a need to record these fables, crude walls inside caves provided enough canvas for our imagination.
  • With the aid of rudimentary visuals engraved in stone, stories of human triumph and way of life have been handed down and bettered across thousands of generations. Story-tellers experimented with new and uncharted forms of expression- capturing the story through paintings, pictures, and then finally moving pictures. As long as you could tell a story, the form just kept evolving.

The Greek stories of Oedipus and Hercules, and, closer home, Valmiki's Ramayan and Vyasa’s Mahabharat are some of the earliest known legends to humankind that have traversed more than 20 centuries, jumping and evolving from one form to another.

Between the years 1890 and 1927, thousands of silent films were produced, with the ever-increasing sophistication of storyline and technical craftsmanship.

The iconic imagery brought to life enduring characters who conveyed unforgettable stories that, to date, resonate with us. And all this sometimes without even uttering a single word

When you convey a story without a word, it has an enigmatic power that can't fit into words.

The quality of video communication sets the tone for the service you sell. Constant communication through video stories is the building blocks of your business.
Akash Reddy,
Future Metaphor


What an awe-inspiring journey it has been from etching our imagination in stone to tugging at heartstrings by the simple interplay of lights and shadows on the silver screen. Lights out, and you are far removed from the daily hustle, transported to another world. You’ve willingly handed over your time and attention to the story-teller and are braced for the ride that follows. Visuals have done for communication what the wheel has done for transport.

But why did this early tryst with a rudimentary form of communication turn into a never-ending craze for stunning visuals that refuses to die down? Why have visuals been the most effective and unchallenged form of communication through human history?

Humans are open to emotional interplay and empathy, but firmly despise being preached to. However, an audio-visual never leaves you out as a viewer. It breaks down that fourth wall and forces you to become a participant in the characters' fate. Spectacular imagery overwhelms the eyes to take control of the mind; it’s an unmistakable pattern. Across all social strata, the basic instinct for aesthetic visuals is primal and sensual. Everyone craves an elevated sensory experience.

Video And Stories Go Together Like Bread And Butter.

Stories are far more persuasive than just stating facts. Stories place trust in the wisdom of the viewer to decipher the entrenched message. Stories enable us to form relationships with absolute strangers, breaking the ice by inspiring awe and wonder. You can push their buttons with the stories you tell. Extrapolating from this, a story is like a remote control to take charge of the viewer's emotional journey. Stories offer the right platform to convey such feelings. Stories are a powerful force in shaping human behaviour. They are not just instruments of bonding and entertainment but also of building trust and credibility. They sharpen our attention and transport us to an imagined world.

And when these stories are communicated through the most powerful medium, i.e. video, it ripens to its full potential… an immersive experience that will stay with the viewer for long. And why not. Visuals are eye-catching, and the details are easier to recall.

Stats link The human brain processes visual information at an incredible 6000 times the speed of processing text. Viewers spend 100% more time on web pages with videos and blog posts, with videos ensure 180% more engagement than plain text. (added by Shivi on 11th July – stats from the book ‘power of visual storytelling - needs wording change)

Our memory of movies can be boiled down to a few unforgettable moments on the silver screen. Have you ever had a heated argument over the meaning of a film, the insinuation of a scene? That’s the power of visuals over us.

We recall a well-crafted visual tale months after experiencing it. Can that be said about a PPT? Or any other medium?


Video stories for business are one such thing. There are many factors in the success of any business- but more than anything, it’s the story behind it that weaves all these factors together… the human story.

The evolution of every iconic brand has a story that is rooted in the need of the customer. The evolution to stay ahead of this need and better their customer lives is a reason for their being. And this continuous innovation leaves behind a trail of memorable anecdotes that fills the employees with a sense of pride and purpose. It urges the workforce to shoulder the future responsibly. The sense of nostalgia it whips up is impossible to resist. Video stories seeped in the genetic make-up of the business livens up employee morale. The value it creates is immeasurable.

Your Workforce Is Already Used To Gorging On Videos.

Continuously evolving business needs are best represented through the video medium. The mandate is to push boundaries by building theme-based stories around the core emotion the viewer must walk away with. It should feel less like an intermission break, more like a magnum opus.

Marketers are increasingly banking on concise, high-impact, emotion-intensive content to enhance engagement, boost retention, and transmit intricate data within the shortest possible time. Internal communication can also do the same. When it comes to motivating your workforce, your internal communications must echo your marketing approach.

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