Everybody with their nose in Marketing has been talking video, more so since mobile phones became ubiquitous & data prices tumbled.
Since then the world of content has turned topsy-turvy. Articles are now video, so are interviews. We prefer product demos in video, & training manuals too. Needless to say we entertain ourselves more with video than books, or magazines. Heck, even comic books work better when in video! Here are our top 5 predictions for Video Content Strategy and Marketing in 2019:
1. Video Production will move from limited ad-film production to large-scale video knowledge base across disciplines spanning Sales, Marketing, HR and more
2. Brands will empower their employees to create more videos for. DIY video suites will directly feed into the company-wide Video Knowledge Hub and complement it
3. TV will increasingly be internet-powered. Think OTTs. This will directly impact video marketing strategies and production
4. Sales teams will crave video and increasingly ask for video resources and training
5. A boom in video marketing will lead to a boom in video-data. This data will increasingly be more contextual, richer and fed to video asset management, analytics, CRM and DMP suites.

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